Review Your Favorite Companies!

Reviews are time consuming.  First I have to remember that I want to do a review.  I have to sit down at my computer or pull out my smart phone.  Then I have to pick the site on which to leave the review.  Next I decide what to say.  Then there are the bunny trails.  As I log in, I start to browse the web…I read everyone else’s reviews…I start coupon shopping…the list of distractions goes on.  Why bother in the first place?

As a small business owner, I can testify to the importance of reviews…even negative ones.  Reviews make my internet advertising dollars grow exponentially!  Google and other search engines love reviews, good or bad.  The search engines are, to put it simply, programs that look for key words.  So when you review my company, my company’s name is put out there one more time.  If others “like” your review, my company’s name spreads.  The next stranger to search for a window cleaning company online naturally finds mine, because my name is high on Google’s search list.  It’s very helpful, I must say.

“How can a negative review be good?” you may ask.  Well, it does get my company name out there, which helps.  But it also gives me the chance to respond to a dissatisfied customer.  Most reviews come directly to me, and I have a chance to reply.  I can reply to the customer if I did not know there was a problem.  Or I can reply to the public in general, stating my apologies, letting them know that we’re working to resolve issues, or even defending my company if appropriate.  

We recently received a negative review from a customer who quit communicating with us in the middle of negotiating our way through her problem.  It was very frustrating to be dropped in the middle of negotiations, and then even more frustrating when her anger went “public”.  But it did give us a chance to defend ourselves “publicly”.  It brought an end to an ongoing issue, even if not the end we had hoped to achieve.  

So my request of you, the consumers, is this: Please take the time to review the companies you like, services you enjoy, the food that tastes fantastic, the employee that went above and beyond.  It can really help a small business grow.  You can make their advertising dollars count, and keep the good businesses around for the long term.  I know it’s a hassle, but the time you take to write a review is very appreciated.

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Rain Repellents for your windows.

One of the questions that customers ask us quite often is: “Is there something that you can apply to my windows to make the window cleaning last longer?” There are many companies in our industry who attempt to up-sale this service, but in reality very few products make a significant difference. In 2011, Blue Sky Window Cleaners purchased several of the top-rated rain and dust repellent products and tested them on our own windows at our shop. Here is what we concluded:

  1. Products that are added by 3 to 5 drops into regular window cleaning water had no effect on the longevity of the window cleaning after rain.
  2. Products that are applied by hand (pastes, waxes, etc.) did have a little bit of success repelling rain spots, and made later window cleanings much easier.  These products could potentially prolong the life of your windows.  HOWEVER, the application process is very time consuming (and therefore expensive), and requires window cleaners to work with harsh chemicals that are not healthy for them to use.

Our conclusion is this:  Though there may be some benefits to using water repellent products, nothing is going to stop wind, dust and rain regardless of the treatment.  There are some products that reduce water spots, soap scum, scale, and mildew stains and make future window cleanings easier.  Yet, the few repellents that do somewhat work are too costly to put to good use.  So in reality, your best bet would be to have your windows cleaned twice a year, once inside and outside, and once outside only.  This does provide longevity for your windows and gives the pleasure of clear windows to view Colorado’s beauty.

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Women in the Window Cleaning Industry 2011

I recently read an article in “Professional Window Cleaner” magazine regarding women in the window cleaning profession.  Most of that particular article dealt with women as business owners or women working in the high-rise window cleaning industry which we don’t do.  So I searched and found the below article from a different window cleaning publication.

Women in the Window Cleaning Industry 2011.

I found it very interesting, as recently, Blue Sky Window Cleaners has been hiring more and more women.  Blue Sky has found our “girls” to be exceptional workers for the following reasons and more:

  1. They are very kind in our customers’ homes.  Women instinctively know how a home can be a reflection of ourselves, so being respectful and conscientiousness in our clients’ homes comes naturally to them!
  2. Their work is exceptional!  Although all our employees do a fantastic job, it seems we are less concerned about our female employees’ work quality.  They can’t leave a job until the job is done well!
  3. They are so kind!  Commonly known as the gentler sex, girls are just naturally more relational.  Even our female employees that are rough and tough workers tend to relate easily to our customers.

So although I love the loyalty and hard work that our male employees have provided over the years, including awesome customer service, it has been surprisingly refreshing to have some females enter the company as window cleaners.  Next time you call to schedule, don’t be frustrated by the female window cleaner showing up at your door.  I promise that she is more than capable of handling the work load and she will be truly kind, a pleasure to have in your home.

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How to Beat the Summer Break Challenge –

How to Beat the Summer Break Challenge –  The owners of Blue Sky Window Cleaners are big Dave Ramsey fans.  We just thought this article was timely and interesting, so we are passing it on to you!

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Service Employees in YOUR home.

What kind of service employees do you like to invite into your home? Have you ever been deceived by advertising showing an employee in a clean uniform, a clean shaven, gentle-looking guy, only to schedule with the company and someone completely different is at your door? As a stay-at-home mom myself, that at the very least makes me nervous. I really do not want a less-than-safe looking man in my house with my children and I while my husband is away at work. Therefore, over the years, with my company, Blue Sky Window Cleaners, I have learned to hire and price in the way I would like to be treated by other service companies.
So who exactly would I like at my door and in my home? Well, I would like a clean-cut person, who has been background checked, who knows their job well, and who doesn’t overcharge. Blue Sky Window Cleaners follows all of these guidelines. In our initial interview, appearance matters. We look for clean-cut employees who come to their interview in clean cloths, with clean, neatly-styled hair, and either clean-shaven, or a nicely trimmed beard. If their interview goes well, we run a background check which we actually use to make hiring decisions. (Some companies run background checks, then knowingly hire the felon anyway.) (Ex-felons definitely have the right to meaningful work, but as a company who places people in YOUR home, we have to say no to those with police records.)
After making the right hire, Blue Sky trains our employees properly (you can see our other blogs which address this issue of training.) When you have questions, our employees will either already know, or know where to find a great answer for you. They know their company!
Lastly, I always fear being over charged for services. Blue Sky is an ethical company that is not interested in price gouging our customers. We are always revisiting our pricing to make sure it is in line with industry standards, and to make sure that you, the consumer, can understand our charges. Fair pricing is a promise.
As not only the owner, but also a peer-consumer, I am confident that Blue Sky Window cleaners is a service company that you can trust to have in your home.

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Blue Sky Window Cleaners is a member of the IWCA

Yes, we are members of the IWCA, the International Window Cleaning Association.  To learn more about this great organization, follow this link:  Welcome to IWCA: The International Window Cleaning Association | Find a Window Cleaner.

IWCA | International Windows Cleaning Association

So why has Blue Sky chosen to join the IWCA?  We have signed up for several reasons.  Firstly, the IWCA has a mission to raise the standards of professionalism and safety in the window cleaning industry.  They have raised industry professionalism by promoting companies that adhere to the IWCA’s hiring practices, pricing ideas, and safety standards.  IWCA member companies can be trusted to keep ethical industry standards.

Secondly, the IWCA has really helped Blue Sky with our safety training.  They not only offer  many safety materials and ideas to purchase, but they will train our employees for us if we so choose.  The owners of Blue Sky have gone through the IWCA’s safety training course twice, have sent a managerial employee to the training, and have implemented many of the IWCA’s ideas into our own safety training manuals.

Another reason that Blue Sky has joined the IWCA is that this organization keeps us updated on the latest window cleaning news.  We follow their quarterly publication closely, getting prompt information on new products and other great window cleaning companies. They also inform all members of changes within our industry, such as new OSHA laws.  In fact, the IWCA works closely with OSHA to develop all window cleaning regulations.

Lastly, Blue Sky really appreciates the conventions and trade shows offered annually by the IWCA.  We have attended two of them, and hope to go to more in the future.  There we learn of the latest safety and professional standards, get information on the latest tools available to window cleaners (and actually get to try them out!), and gain knowledge on industry trends, such as the “GREEN” movement.

Blue Sky Window Cleaners, therefore, is a member of the IWCA (as well as the Better Business Bureau) and will continue to support this great association in the years to come.

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Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Windows Professionally Cleaned.

  1. Brighten your home!  Clean windows give your home an aesthetically pleasing ambiance.   When homeowners put their homes on the market, one of the first thing Realtors do is to call window cleaner companies to create the atmosphere that appeals to home buyers.
  2. Stay Safe!  Consider your long term health and enjoyable life style.  Call a professional window cleaner who is trained to minimize the risks of working off a ladder.  According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, about 165,000 Americans require medical treatment for ladder-related injuries each year. Based on a 1990-2005 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, that number is escalating. During the course of the study, from beginning to end, the number of reported cases in which Americans were hurt in incidents involving ladders climbed by more than 50 percent.
    • More than 2.1 million people sought emergency treatment in the United States for ladder-related injuries.
    • Of those injuries, almost 10 percent resulted in hospitalization or transfer to another hospital.
    • The most frequently reported injuries were fractures.
    • In cases in which the location where the injury took place was recorded, 97 percent happened at home.
    • In nearly 77 percent of the cases, the injured party was male.
    • (The above ladder statistics were taken from, an article on 2010 Ladder Safety Statistics.)
  3. Protect window longevity!  Keeping up with hard water build-up keeps your glass from breaking down.  Getting rid of the dirt and grime cuts down on the wear-and-tear to your frames and glass.
  4. Storm windows!   Professional window cleaners are used to dealing with these heavy, cumbersome, and sometimes ill-fitting additions to your home.  Save yourself the aggravation of removing those storm windows and let us pull our hair out instead.
  5. Let’s go GREEN!  With our techniques and training, professional window cleaners can avoid the harsh over-the-counter glass-cleaning products that typical home owners use.  It’s our techniques that clean your windows, not the chemicals.  Let us use our green practices (reusable towels, child- and pet-safe products, water and not chemicals) to shine up your home.
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