90 Years and Going Strong!

So this is where we enter into the social network age: our first blog. It is very enjoyable to look back and see how far this company has come. To be part of something that was started in 1920 is so amazing to me. Take a moment to reminisce about what has occurred in this country alone since 1920. Ponder the Depression, several wars, the civil rights movement. Think of the famous people who have used their God-given talents to shape our lives as we know them: Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesse Owens, George Herman “Babe Ruth”, Leonard Bernstein, Neil Armstrong, Vince Lombardi, Billy Graham, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and many others.
Related to Blue Sky Window Cleaners, consider how many employees/students/former firemen this company has provided work for over the years. We still receive calls from some of these window cleaner frontiersmen from time to time checking in to see how things are going. It is also an incredible privilege for us to continue to serve many of the families that have been with the company from the beginning. I know some view this as just another window cleaning company, but to our family, our employees, and the many hundreds before us, it is so much more.
We are a locally owned company that prides itself on taking care of our customers. All of our service is 100% guaranteed and we know that you will be pleased, with the results after working with our company. We have over 90 years’ worth of customers that back us up on this. So please give us a try us if you haven’t before. Or if you are a regular customer, thank-you for your continued loyalty, and please “like us” on our Facebook page. (By the way, we are offering a 20% discount coupon on Facebook to the first 100 people who “like us”.)

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