Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Windows Professionally Cleaned.

  1. Brighten your home!  Clean windows give your home an aesthetically pleasing ambiance.   When homeowners put their homes on the market, one of the first thing Realtors do is to call window cleaner companies to create the atmosphere that appeals to home buyers.
  2. Stay Safe!  Consider your long term health and enjoyable life style.  Call a professional window cleaner who is trained to minimize the risks of working off a ladder.  According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, about 165,000 Americans require medical treatment for ladder-related injuries each year. Based on a 1990-2005 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, that number is escalating. During the course of the study, from beginning to end, the number of reported cases in which Americans were hurt in incidents involving ladders climbed by more than 50 percent.
    • More than 2.1 million people sought emergency treatment in the United States for ladder-related injuries.
    • Of those injuries, almost 10 percent resulted in hospitalization or transfer to another hospital.
    • The most frequently reported injuries were fractures.
    • In cases in which the location where the injury took place was recorded, 97 percent happened at home.
    • In nearly 77 percent of the cases, the injured party was male.
    • (The above ladder statistics were taken from, an article on 2010 Ladder Safety Statistics.)
  3. Protect window longevity!  Keeping up with hard water build-up keeps your glass from breaking down.  Getting rid of the dirt and grime cuts down on the wear-and-tear to your frames and glass.
  4. Storm windows!   Professional window cleaners are used to dealing with these heavy, cumbersome, and sometimes ill-fitting additions to your home.  Save yourself the aggravation of removing those storm windows and let us pull our hair out instead.
  5. Let’s go GREEN!  With our techniques and training, professional window cleaners can avoid the harsh over-the-counter glass-cleaning products that typical home owners use.  It’s our techniques that clean your windows, not the chemicals.  Let us use our green practices (reusable towels, child- and pet-safe products, water and not chemicals) to shine up your home.
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