Blue Sky Window Cleaners is a member of the IWCA

Yes, we are members of the IWCA, the International Window Cleaning Association.  To learn more about this great organization, follow this link:  Welcome to IWCA: The International Window Cleaning Association | Find a Window Cleaner.

IWCA | International Windows Cleaning Association

So why has Blue Sky chosen to join the IWCA?  We have signed up for several reasons.  Firstly, the IWCA has a mission to raise the standards of professionalism and safety in the window cleaning industry.  They have raised industry professionalism by promoting companies that adhere to the IWCA’s hiring practices, pricing ideas, and safety standards.  IWCA member companies can be trusted to keep ethical industry standards.

Secondly, the IWCA has really helped Blue Sky with our safety training.  They not only offer  many safety materials and ideas to purchase, but they will train our employees for us if we so choose.  The owners of Blue Sky have gone through the IWCA’s safety training course twice, have sent a managerial employee to the training, and have implemented many of the IWCA’s ideas into our own safety training manuals.

Another reason that Blue Sky has joined the IWCA is that this organization keeps us updated on the latest window cleaning news.  We follow their quarterly publication closely, getting prompt information on new products and other great window cleaning companies. They also inform all members of changes within our industry, such as new OSHA laws.  In fact, the IWCA works closely with OSHA to develop all window cleaning regulations.

Lastly, Blue Sky really appreciates the conventions and trade shows offered annually by the IWCA.  We have attended two of them, and hope to go to more in the future.  There we learn of the latest safety and professional standards, get information on the latest tools available to window cleaners (and actually get to try them out!), and gain knowledge on industry trends, such as the “GREEN” movement.

Blue Sky Window Cleaners, therefore, is a member of the IWCA (as well as the Better Business Bureau) and will continue to support this great association in the years to come.

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