Service Employees in YOUR home.

What kind of service employees do you like to invite into your home? Have you ever been deceived by advertising showing an employee in a clean uniform, a clean shaven, gentle-looking guy, only to schedule with the company and someone completely different is at your door? As a stay-at-home mom myself, that at the very least makes me nervous. I really do not want a less-than-safe looking man in my house with my children and I while my husband is away at work. Therefore, over the years, with my company, Blue Sky Window Cleaners, I have learned to hire and price in the way I would like to be treated by other service companies.
So who exactly would I like at my door and in my home? Well, I would like a clean-cut person, who has been background checked, who knows their job well, and who doesn’t overcharge. Blue Sky Window Cleaners follows all of these guidelines. In our initial interview, appearance matters. We look for clean-cut employees who come to their interview in clean cloths, with clean, neatly-styled hair, and either clean-shaven, or a nicely trimmed beard. If their interview goes well, we run a background check which we actually use to make hiring decisions. (Some companies run background checks, then knowingly hire the felon anyway.) (Ex-felons definitely have the right to meaningful work, but as a company who places people in YOUR home, we have to say no to those with police records.)
After making the right hire, Blue Sky trains our employees properly (you can see our other blogs which address this issue of training.) When you have questions, our employees will either already know, or know where to find a great answer for you. They know their company!
Lastly, I always fear being over charged for services. Blue Sky is an ethical company that is not interested in price gouging our customers. We are always revisiting our pricing to make sure it is in line with industry standards, and to make sure that you, the consumer, can understand our charges. Fair pricing is a promise.
As not only the owner, but also a peer-consumer, I am confident that Blue Sky Window cleaners is a service company that you can trust to have in your home.

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