Women in the Window Cleaning Industry 2011

I recently read an article in “Professional Window Cleaner” magazine regarding women in the window cleaning profession.  Most of that particular article dealt with women as business owners or women working in the high-rise window cleaning industry which we don’t do.  So I searched and found the below article from a different window cleaning publication.

Women in the Window Cleaning Industry 2011.

I found it very interesting, as recently, Blue Sky Window Cleaners has been hiring more and more women.  Blue Sky has found our “girls” to be exceptional workers for the following reasons and more:

  1. They are very kind in our customers’ homes.  Women instinctively know how a home can be a reflection of ourselves, so being respectful and conscientiousness in our clients’ homes comes naturally to them!
  2. Their work is exceptional!  Although all our employees do a fantastic job, it seems we are less concerned about our female employees’ work quality.  They can’t leave a job until the job is done well!
  3. They are so kind!  Commonly known as the gentler sex, girls are just naturally more relational.  Even our female employees that are rough and tough workers tend to relate easily to our customers.

So although I love the loyalty and hard work that our male employees have provided over the years, including awesome customer service, it has been surprisingly refreshing to have some females enter the company as window cleaners.  Next time you call to schedule, don’t be frustrated by the female window cleaner showing up at your door.  I promise that she is more than capable of handling the work load and she will be truly kind, a pleasure to have in your home.

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