Rain Repellents for your windows.

One of the questions that customers ask us quite often is: “Is there something that you can apply to my windows to make the window cleaning last longer?” There are many companies in our industry who attempt to up-sale this service, but in reality very few products make a significant difference. In 2011, Blue Sky Window Cleaners purchased several of the top-rated rain and dust repellent products and tested them on our own windows at our shop. Here is what we concluded:

  1. Products that are added by 3 to 5 drops into regular window cleaning water had no effect on the longevity of the window cleaning after rain.
  2. Products that are applied by hand (pastes, waxes, etc.) did have a little bit of success repelling rain spots, and made later window cleanings much easier.  These products could potentially prolong the life of your windows.  HOWEVER, the application process is very time consuming (and therefore expensive), and requires window cleaners to work with harsh chemicals that are not healthy for them to use.

Our conclusion is this:  Though there may be some benefits to using water repellent products, nothing is going to stop wind, dust and rain regardless of the treatment.  There are some products that reduce water spots, soap scum, scale, and mildew stains and make future window cleanings easier.  Yet, the few repellents that do somewhat work are too costly to put to good use.  So in reality, your best bet would be to have your windows cleaned twice a year, once inside and outside, and once outside only.  This does provide longevity for your windows and gives the pleasure of clear windows to view Colorado’s beauty.

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